Smothered under stinky Feet

The 20 y.o. Manuela has very stinky and sweaty feet. You can smell her sweaty feet from a distance and footlovers cant wait that Manuela takes off her sneakers. The Footslave on the floor has the pleasure to get her smelly sole right into his face. Smell Footslave, smell stinky female feet.


Under the feet of a yong russian angel

What a great pleasure being used as a footrest for a young girl. Today young russian girl KATRIN love to use his face like a footstool for hours while she is reading a book… Katrin loves to read for hours. She puts her dangeous boot on him and dont take care. After one and a half hour she takes off her boot and smothers him under her bare sweaty feet. Because she didnt wear socks her feet are very smelly and sweaty. PICTURES